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Monday, August 18, 2008

Remembering Hariprasad

Today’s eenadu ( carried an article in which they reported that Hari Prasad was known for the famous song “Sivaranjani Navaragini”.

First the correction: The song “Siva Ranjani Nava Raagini” was from “Thurpu Padamara” and was starred by Narasimha Raju and Sri Vidya.

Hari Prasad along with Narayana Rao, and Sudhakar is a very good friend of Mega Star Chiranjeevi. All these folks did their film school training in Chennai. Other than watching him on small screen, the last I remember of seeing him on screen was in Gang Leader as a member of the friendship gang of the protagonist. It was an insignificant role, as was the other role that I remember in Yamudiki Mogudu. In that movie, Hari Prasad acted as a friend of the protagonist Kaali.

The third movie that I can recollect was Sivaranjani (that’s the movie name and not the song title).

Sivaranjani is all about a village belle who goes on to become a famous film actress. Sahaja Nati Jaya Sudha played the role. Remember that famous song that she sings while roaming around the village, selling the Ek Tara (the one stringed instrument)

Joru Meedunnave Thummeda,
Nee Joru Evari Kosame Tummeda?

The superb song got its life from the lead violin played by Music Director Mani Sharma’s father (YN Sharma). Coming to the topic, Sivaranjani goes-on to become a big film star. A small town boy forms her fan club and starts admiring her. Sivaranjani starts finding her true love in this boy and gives up her career as a film actress and escapes the trauma of limelight by settling down with this boy.

Hari Prasad played the role of that boy/fan and will be remembered by all Telugu movie goers, if not for his action, but for the two most romantic songs of Telucu Cinema that are screened on this unusual pair – Jaya Sudha & Hari Prasad.

One of the two most romantic songs is the title song of the movie:

Abhinava Tara O, Naa Abhimana Taara O!
Siva Ranjanee, Siva Ranjanee!

This was the song that Hari Prasad sings on a stage, in praise of his favorite actress. The Second one is:

Navami Naati Vennela Nenu! Dasami Naati Jaabili Neevu!
Kalasukunna Prati Reyi, Kaarthika Punnami Reyi!

While the lyrics & Ramesh Naidu’s magical compositions are remembered for these songs, Hari Prasad lives in these songs, as he is remembered for these two most popular and unforgettable songs of the Telugu film industry.

It was indeed touching to see Hari Prasad’s demise in TV9 interview yesterday. This gentleman was talking about the day’s top story, when he lost his consciousness and slipped off the chair into eternal sleep. May his soul rest in peace and god gives immense courage & support to his family.

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