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Monday, August 18, 2008

Chiranjeevi’s political entry - Is it the right time?

I’m not talking about the timing of the event but the time of the event!

The superstitions, lucky numbers and muhurtham were major part of the news for the whole day. Everybody noted that, there seem to be special focus on number 8 (Aug 17 = 1+7 = 8 and Aug 26 = 2+6 = 8).

However, the muhurath is even more interesting. The Moon has just come out of eclipse, breaking the Kala Sarpa combination. From Indian astrology, the Lagna/Ascendant at 2:30 in the afternoon of 17th Aug 2008 is in a cusp. The Lagna changes from Scorpion to Sagittarius at 2:36PM. While the meeting was called at 2:30, the declaration actually started after 2:35.

Now, had it been at 2:30, Sun owns the Rajya and is placed in Rajya. Sun is not strong for this muhurath, and is positioned along with Saturn, Rahu, Venus in Rajya. Among this group, Venus overpowered all and became Atma Karaka for the chart. But this Venus is debilitated (Neecha) in Navamsa. Psst. The only saving grace is that Sun is exalted in Navamsa. I’m not comfortable in predicting the outcome of such an important entry done in this muhurath.

As the event happened after 2:35, we can as well study it from Sagittarius Lagna. Here, the Navamsa is terrific. Sun in Aries Lagna is exalted. Rajya lord Saturn in 5th house. Lagna lord Mars in 11th and looking at 5th house. Everything is perfect for a powerful political entry. But the problem here is that, in the natal chart, the lagna lord Jupiter in retrograde (Vakra). A vakra Jupiter may not be the best thing for such a political entry.

For both the timings, the partnership lord Venus’s debilitation (Neecha) in navamsa may create troubles with partnerships.

So, looking from all angles, the time doesn’t look right for a great political aspiration. It doesn’t necessarily imply the end result will be unfavorable. It may just indicate that the journey is not a smooth sailing.

For superstitious conspiracy theorists, Hariprasad’s untimely demise - while talking about Chiru’s political ambitions - is an indication.

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