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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PrajaRajyam - Chiranjeevi's Party

Megastar Chiranjeevi's new party is named Praja Rajyam. Just as the trend with Telugu movies, the party name carries a caption "Preme Lakshyam, Seve Margam" (The goal is LOVE and the path is through SERVICE)

Chiru declared his party name, agenda and flag today at Tirupati.

Chiranjeevi party flag is made up of two horizontal strips of White & Green. The white strip is 3/4th of the size of the flag. On the white strip, a red sun is placed with a Yellow shade.

The theme of the flag is "Nature".
The meaning of the flag:
White: Transparency & universal theme
Green: Farmers & Food (is there any minority connection?)
Sun: Energy of the Nature
Red colour of the sun: Change in the world
Yellow shade: Happiness

If you closely observe, the flag is nothing but Indian National flag with slight modifications. The white & green are seen directly. The Ashoka's wheel can be seen in the SUN. The Safron colour is seen in the Red & Yellow combo of the Sun & its shade.

Chiru made a passionate speech to inspire the crowd at Avilala ground in Tirupati. He send warning signals to his detractors by saying that "those pulling us back dont realize that we are arrows and if they pull us hard, we will race ahead faster"

Incidentally, Chiru's ideas are in line with (borrowed??) JP's (Loksatta) theme of Government being the trustees of excehquers and not the owners. Chiranjeevi concluded with a statement that reminded me Seetharama Sastry's Gayam Song: "Surajyamavaleni Swarajyam Endukani!!" Loosely translated, the poet is questioning the point of having a free nation if the nation cant be a good nation.

And yeah, Chiru Party's idea is to make this Swarajyam into a Surajyam!

Good luck Chiru.

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