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Friday, December 26, 2008

Neetu Chandra Vs Rajashekhar

Do you remember this petite beauty in Shekhar Kammula’s Godavari? She is Neetu Chandra, the upcoming actress from Patna, Bihar. She played the role of second heroine, Rajeswari, the cousin (maradalu) of hero Sumanth. Throughout the movie, Godavari, she will be in a dilemma whether to marry the hero or not.

Being in dilemma seems to carry into the real life for this heroine. Neetu Chandra is currently in a dilemma on whether to sue hero Rajashekhar and his producer wife Jeevitha for the alleged harassment that she faced at the hands of the actor and producer in their current film shooting of Satyameva Jayathe

Neetu Chandra alleges that, actor Rajashekhar and Jeevitha harassed her. She claims that the actor came drunk to the sets and abused Neetu. She claims that when she was sick, running high fever and was unable to even stand, the actor and producer dragged her to the sets and forced her to act in front of the camera. So, finally, she had to run away from the shooting. She is currently talking to her lawyers on how to sue Jeevitha and Rajashekhar

Reacting to the allegations; Jeevitha Rajashekhar, the producer of the movie Satyameva Jayathe, rubbished the allegations. She accused that the upcoming heroine is unprofessional towards her work. Jeevitha says that, Neetu demands air tickets and star hotel accommodation to all her assistants. Further, Neetu & assistants demand travel by Jet Airways only and not through low cost airlines. Jeevitha alleges that, Neetu already took all the remuneration and is now demanding more for the remaining schedules.

Jeevitha also adds that Neetu has a history of troubling the producers. Neetu seems to have troubled Shekhar Kammula during the Godavari Shooting. In fact, Jeevitha booked Neetu, as they were looking for a heroine who is not busy and who can cooperate to the fullest. But, it seems the trouble started on the day one of the engagement itself, when Neetu arrived for photo session. Jeevitha couldn’t cancel the heroine as all the other schedules are decided by then.

Jeevitha agrees that, as the heroine threw tantrums to complete the last 2-3 shots on the pretext of ill health, the producer chided her to get up and complete the task at hand and then go take a leave forever. Otherwise, it would have been a herculean task to reschedule the 2-3 simple shots and impossible to get all the call sheets of all the characters & technicians who are involved in the shooting. Jeevitha advises that such an adamant and non cooperative behavior is not good for an aspiring artist like Neetu Chandra

So, what is the truth in this new controversy? What can we say??

Satyameva Jayathe!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yuvarajyam Calls WakeUpIndia

Last week, Pawan Kalyan spoke at the youth summit of Yuva Rajyam, the youth wing of Chiranjeevi’s political outfit Praja Rajyam. The speakers at the summit asked all the volunteers to show social responsibility by responding to the injustice happening to our neighbors.

As an offshoot of this meeting, the Power Star Pawan Kalyan declared a new forum of Students, Parents and prominent people from all walks of life. The forum will discuss the legal solutions for the common challenges of the ordinary people.

The forum will be hosted as and will seek the inputs, advice, suggestions and feedback from the public on various contemporary issues.

At the time of writing this article, the website is still under construction. Let us hope that some action starts, as the youth leader proclaimed.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Telugu, The Ajanta Language

While reflecting on the movie Vinayakudu, more than the acting skills of the hero, I liked his name Krishnudu :) It indeed is a pure Telugu name. The Nouns in Telugu language normally end with a Vowel. That means, “Ram” is not Telugu. It should be “Ramudu” – Like “Kodanda Ramudu”, “Yanamala Ramakrishnudu”. And it is apt that the movie name is "Vinayakudu" and not "Vinayak" or "Ganesh"

As the English & Hindi words started modifying the urban nomenclature, the Telugu smell is slowly going away from our names these days. The “Halant” (words ending with a Consonant) or "Pollu Hallu" are common in other languages in India. For instance: Ram, Kishan, Mahesh, Raman, Rahul, and many other common names are Halant. But the words ending with Vowel (Acchu + Anta = Ajanta) are unique to Telugu. i.e. Rama/Ramudu, Krishna/Krishnudu, Maheshwara, Ramana etc.

That’s why Telugu is called the Ajantha Language. On that note, Italian is a similar Ajanta Language. That’s why, Telugu is the Italian of East.