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Friday, July 31, 2009

Magadheera Movie

Crossing all the hurdles, Magadheera is released today. The movie is the second film for hero Ram Charan Teja and was eagerly awaited by the fans.

The movie was in news for the past few days, due to non filmy reasons. There were clashes between fans and police due to political reasons. Hero Ram Charan’s affiliation with PRP is the reason for all the drama at Tirupati, where the midnight screening was not allowed

Magadheera is reported to be a fantasy film, aka Arundhati where the story goes back and forth. The hero Ram Charan and his lady protagonist Kajal Agarwal could not unite in their earlier lives, which was set in 16th century. They reincarnate and meet after 400 years.

Director Rajamouli reported to have crafted brilliant art work and graphics to give a touch of period film to the portions of 16th century story. Music Director MM Keeravani re-mix his own number from Papa Chiranjeevi's Gharana Mogudu. Mumaith Khan does a Disco Shanti in the re-mix of 'Bangaru Kodi Petta' song. Chiranjeevi also shakes a leg along with son Ram Charan in this song.

The producers Geetha Arts spent liberally in not only the making of the movie, but also the promos. Yesterday, the prime time slot on TV9 was full coverage of the making of Magadheera, interspersed with interviews of Ram Charan Teja. Today’s prime time news also was liberally filled with Magadheera publicity.

Krishnam Raju Quits PRP

Rebel Star Krishnam Raju quit Praja Rajyam Party today. Krishnamraju was away from party activities after the assembly elections, where he contested and lost from Rajahmundry

Krishnamraju said that the party could not use his services and thus he is quitting. However, it is understood that, PRP pushed him to contest from Rajahmundry where he did not have any cadre and had to face the toughest opponents like Undavalli (Cong) & Murali Mohan (TDP). The Rajahmundry seat was prestigious for both Cong & TDP and it was rumored that media Moghul Ramoji Rao of Eenadu group funded the expenses of TDP candidate Muralimohan.

Krishnamraju was apparently not happy to go and stand in the middle of that bull fight at Rajahmundry. However, he had no choice as this ‘elder brother’ (that’s what PRP’s Chiranjeevi addresses him) was asked to contest from Rajahmundry.

PRP’s troubles don’t seem to end now. The other cadre who flocked from the dustbins of various parties have already started to leave the camp. The heavyweights like Devender Goud, Peddi Reddy, Tammineni, all set to jump the boat soon.

While it is maverick YSR who must be amused with all this bleeding at TRS, PRP, TDP camps, in a way, Chiranjeevi should also be happy with all this. Because, by now he might have realized that, he built his party with absolutely useless faces, who are eventually going out on their own.

But what happens to Anniyya now? He already gave/took a farewell party to Tollywood & now has nothing much to do in Politics. Somebody should tell him about the importance of having a plan B.

Vijayashanthi to Join Congress

The opportunist of Andhra Politics, Vijayashanthi is all set to quit TRS. The rumor doing rounds is that Ramulamma will join the ruling Congress Party in the state. Past few days, she was in long discussions with Jugga Reddy & Narendra.

It didn’t surprise me, as I was expecting this stunt from our Lady Super Star. I was wondering all these days, how could KCR & his TRS party leaders trust her and took her into the fold and offered her the secretary general’s post.

People and party cadre didn’t understand her drama on the Telangana card. Did anybody remember her playing to the galleries during Junior Doctors strike at Niloufer Hospital? She came on to the news channel live coverageof TV9 & ETV, holding a sick baby and cried foul that the Telangana kids are suffering because of the strike.

However, our Lady Amitabh Bacchan should be lauded for her histrionics, which fooled KCR to give up his coveted Medak seat to her. Known for his acerbic reactions, we have to wait and see what would be KCRs reaction.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


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Friday, July 17, 2009

Chiranjeevi Party Gets a New Symbol

After the drubbing at the recent hustings, all the opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh started reconstructing their acts. For instance, TDP constructed a wall in place of a gate in its office ;) It was rumored that, party cadre is slipping through the gates, thus a wall is constructed.

Today, Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) got a new election symbol. PRP’s supremo Chiranjeevi hopes that the new symbol, a rising Sun, will be the dawn of the new political aspirations of the party in the greater Hyderabad elections. As we are aware, rising Sun is a part of PRP’s flag.

In the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu, DMK was already using this symbol. So, it may suggest that PRP may not have any ambitious plans of going beyond Andhra Pradesh.

What amuses me the fact that none of these parties, which lost in the last elections, seems to have understood the reasons for their poor show. It is neither vasthu nor the symbol that damaged their prospects. Its just that they are not in touch with the ground reality.