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Friday, July 31, 2009

Krishnam Raju Quits PRP

Rebel Star Krishnam Raju quit Praja Rajyam Party today. Krishnamraju was away from party activities after the assembly elections, where he contested and lost from Rajahmundry

Krishnamraju said that the party could not use his services and thus he is quitting. However, it is understood that, PRP pushed him to contest from Rajahmundry where he did not have any cadre and had to face the toughest opponents like Undavalli (Cong) & Murali Mohan (TDP). The Rajahmundry seat was prestigious for both Cong & TDP and it was rumored that media Moghul Ramoji Rao of Eenadu group funded the expenses of TDP candidate Muralimohan.

Krishnamraju was apparently not happy to go and stand in the middle of that bull fight at Rajahmundry. However, he had no choice as this ‘elder brother’ (that’s what PRP’s Chiranjeevi addresses him) was asked to contest from Rajahmundry.

PRP’s troubles don’t seem to end now. The other cadre who flocked from the dustbins of various parties have already started to leave the camp. The heavyweights like Devender Goud, Peddi Reddy, Tammineni, all set to jump the boat soon.

While it is maverick YSR who must be amused with all this bleeding at TRS, PRP, TDP camps, in a way, Chiranjeevi should also be happy with all this. Because, by now he might have realized that, he built his party with absolutely useless faces, who are eventually going out on their own.

But what happens to Anniyya now? He already gave/took a farewell party to Tollywood & now has nothing much to do in Politics. Somebody should tell him about the importance of having a plan B.

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