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Friday, July 31, 2009

Vijayashanthi to Join Congress

The opportunist of Andhra Politics, Vijayashanthi is all set to quit TRS. The rumor doing rounds is that Ramulamma will join the ruling Congress Party in the state. Past few days, she was in long discussions with Jugga Reddy & Narendra.

It didn’t surprise me, as I was expecting this stunt from our Lady Super Star. I was wondering all these days, how could KCR & his TRS party leaders trust her and took her into the fold and offered her the secretary general’s post.

People and party cadre didn’t understand her drama on the Telangana card. Did anybody remember her playing to the galleries during Junior Doctors strike at Niloufer Hospital? She came on to the news channel live coverageof TV9 & ETV, holding a sick baby and cried foul that the Telangana kids are suffering because of the strike.

However, our Lady Amitabh Bacchan should be lauded for her histrionics, which fooled KCR to give up his coveted Medak seat to her. Known for his acerbic reactions, we have to wait and see what would be KCRs reaction.

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