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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Telugu, The Ajanta Language

While reflecting on the movie Vinayakudu, more than the acting skills of the hero, I liked his name Krishnudu :) It indeed is a pure Telugu name. The Nouns in Telugu language normally end with a Vowel. That means, “Ram” is not Telugu. It should be “Ramudu” – Like “Kodanda Ramudu”, “Yanamala Ramakrishnudu”. And it is apt that the movie name is "Vinayakudu" and not "Vinayak" or "Ganesh"

As the English & Hindi words started modifying the urban nomenclature, the Telugu smell is slowly going away from our names these days. The “Halant” (words ending with a Consonant) or "Pollu Hallu" are common in other languages in India. For instance: Ram, Kishan, Mahesh, Raman, Rahul, and many other common names are Halant. But the words ending with Vowel (Acchu + Anta = Ajanta) are unique to Telugu. i.e. Rama/Ramudu, Krishna/Krishnudu, Maheshwara, Ramana etc.

That’s why Telugu is called the Ajantha Language. On that note, Italian is a similar Ajanta Language. That’s why, Telugu is the Italian of East.

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