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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quick Gun Murugan – All Hype, No Fire

I haven’t been watching movies for sometime now. But Quick Gun Murugan & its lead actors Rajendra Prasad, Rambha pulled me to the theater.

With all the media coverage and the promo that preceded its release over the past few weeks, I expected it to be great. But, I found QGM full of hype and no fire.

Firstly, it was my fault to expect the QGM to be on par with Rajendra Prasad & Rambha’s Aa Okkati Adakku.

Next, QGM doesn’t have any story that it can bank upon. All that talk on Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian fight was just hype.

Finally, age has caught up with both Rajendra Prasad & Rambha. They neither look funny nor sexy, but just a sorry.

I felt out of place, as the crowd was laughing at non-sense in the name of comedy. Lola kutty’ dialogues, the Tamil accent of English dialogues are passé, I say.

Rajendra Prasad seemed to be with a hangover of his Aa Naluguru kind of roles. He sports a gloomy look throughout the movie.

Mango Dolly Rambha has very little to do in the movie, except for some skin show. There were some news reports that Rajendra Prasad said the same in some interview & that created serious differences between him & mango dolly. She stopped sharing the stage with him since then.

Over all, the director & writer failed in milking a very good theme of Vegetarianism, a great comedian like Rajendra Prasad.

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