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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bapu Bomma

The reference to Bapu’s Sundarakanda in my last entry made me reflect on this legend of Telugu film industry. Bapu is known to capture & display the quintessential Telugu girl in his works. Be it the sketches & paints that he makes or the movies that he made.

For starters, Satti Raju Lakshmi Narayana, known as Bapu, is a famous artist, painter, cartoonist and film maker of Andhra Pradesh. His cartoons are so popular that they are featured in almost all magazines in Andhra Pradesh. His cartoon characters Budugu, Rendu Jella Sita, C Gaana Pesoonaamba are typical Telugu kids. His paintings of mythological characters are brilliant and of distinct style. Of course, talking about Bapu’s movies, we must appreciate Ramana who has been the back bone of the movies & stories with his rib tickling dialogues.

Bapu’s depiction of typical Telugu girl was so famous that, Bapu Bomma (Bapu’s Picture) became synonymous to “Beautiful Telugu Girl”. His films are equally great. Each and every frame of his movies are like a canvas paint and is filled with subtle humor. Starting from Sakshi to the recent Sundarakanda, he has made many great movies that will be remembered by the industry.

All his lady protagonists are brilliant portraits of that day’s woman. I watched many of his movies, countless times. I never get bored watching a helpless lady protagonist Sangeetha in Mutyala Muguu, an equal partner Divya Vani in Pelli Pustakam and a dominant sivangi Amani in Mr. Pellam.

However, when I think about his heroines, I always get surprised that most of them have failed to succeed in the industry.

He took Chandrakala as Sita in Sampoorna Ramayanam. She couldn’t make a big mark in the industry.

Next was Sangitha in Mutyala Muggu. She couldn’t make any big success after that.

Latha was the heroine in Andala Ramudu. No major success for her after that.

Divyavani was so beautiful in Pelli Pustakam, She was not seen around after that.

Amani was superb in Mr Pellam. She quit with in few years after that.

Kasturi/Kaveri was shown in Rambantu. She settled down on TV shows now.

I keep wondering whether this is Bapu’s talent that he can show the Bapu Bomma out of ordinary individuals or is it that his touch is spoiling the luck of the new heroines :)

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