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Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Name is Ram G Varma, I am a Psycho!

Oh! Boy, how did I miss this news?

A friend of mine told me that, couple of days back, there was a public gathering of all those frustrated with repeated torturous movies of RGV. They all announced a new movie with a title “Naa Peru Ram G Varma” with a caption “Nenoka Psycho Ni!” (My Name is Ram G Varma – I am a Psycho). They went on to shoot couple of scenes for this movie on this occasion.

The guest speaker at this gathering is the Censor Board Member Shobha Rani. She seems to have given an animated speech on the changing values of mainstream Cinema. She is very critical about Ram Gopal Varma’s mindless movies and their effect on the ordinary movie goers.

Apparently, all this is a reaction to the repeated horror movies that RGV is unleashing on to the Telugu cine goers. The last nail in the coffin was RGV’s new venture announced last week. RGV’s next project titled “Raktha Charitra”, is a chronicle of blood and gore of faction ridden Rayala Seema region of Andhra Pradesh. RGV visited wellknown factionist families over the past few weeks and noted down their versions to shape his story.

Now, we have to wait and see which of these two movies will draw more crowds!

Just looking at the titles, I’m game to spend my 3 hrs of time for a matinee show of “Naa Peru Ram G Varma, Neno Psycho Ni” than wasting my time on the chronicle of blood called “Raktha Charitra”

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