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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Priyamani, The Dusky Diva Of Tollywood

Today Priyamani, the Dusky Diva of Telugu Cinema, is receiving the national award for Best Actress; for her performance in Tamil Movie Paruthi Veeran. Considering the fact that Telugu/Tamil movie goers have a fetish for fair skin, it is indeed an achievement for Priyamani to rise to the top slot of Tollywood with in such a short time. This Nalla (Tamil: Good) Pilla is here to stay.

Her notable performance in Telugu was in Pellaina Kotthalo. Its a decent movie that has all the required commercial elements. Now that all my readers know the story of this movie, I’m not re-reviewing this movie. Most of the reviews wrote that the second half is too slow.. But I think, the second half of the movie is the real show. The sensual interaction between the estranged couple is marvelous.

I was surprised to know that the director Madan is a bachelor and he could capture some of those sensual feelings very well.

I haven’t seen much of Priyamani earlier. The last I saw her was in Yama Donga. There she had little to do. I remember that half the time she was crying and the remaining half dancing with hero. Of course she was cute in two songs "Labbaru Gajulu" and "Noonugu Meesalodu"

In this movie too, there are some good tunes like: Chelivo, Naa Chilipi Kalavo.....Indeed this beautiful song penned by Chaitanya Prasad was beautifully composed by music director Agastya with a melodious guitar lead.

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